Friday, December 28, 2007

Photo Update

I took these snow pictures when we were stuck on Snoqualmie Pass for 2 hours coming home from grandma's on Wednesday.

Here is the boys' Santa photo! The real photo is being sent to grandma. We got this taken on Christmas Eve. Amazingly, the lines were not too long!

Meet Koolia! She is Calvin's Christmas present! He really wanted to call her Cool but I finally convinced him that she needed a girl name.


canadian_stamper said...

Koolia is so cool, I have a bookend little girl called Spook. Beautiful winter pictures and your three boys are adorable, Santa is pretty cool too.


Stempelchaotin said...

Beautiful pictures. Great winter. Thanks for sharing.

Sister Sandy

Andrea, said...

Fab photos, don't think I'd like to be stuck for 2 hours though. Your cat is so cute, I have a black cat who sits with me all the time I'm on the PC and often presses the keys at the wrong time!!