Tuesday, June 3, 2008

We Have a Winner!!

Thank you all for the wonderful comments. It is overwhelming to have so much support and friends all over the world! :-) You all really made my day, week, and month!

So random.org picked..........................
"Congrats Maren!! I LOVE the cards. You have such talent, I think you need to share...LOL. This set would make a nice addition to my growing collection. Congratulations again!!!!!"

Congrats to you, Linda! Please drop me an email so I can get your snail mail.
Have a great day!


The Parkers said...

Oh darn!
Well, Congrats Linda!!!

And thanks for the opportunity Maren!!!
You still rock! :-)

The Parkers said...

Hi Maren... I am looking to purchase some Copics...do you have any reccommendations? I see there are several types, styles, etc... I've never used them, but it seems like they are the way to go.

Maren said...

I am by no means an expert on copics. I have ciao purely because they were the cheaper option. Here is the comparison chart: http://www.copicmarker.com/faq.html#nogo
I didn't buy them by set either since they were the same cost individually and I wanted to pick my colors. I started with lighter colors and have progressively gone darker. My novice suggestion is for you to buy different shades of a few of your favorite colors so that you can do the shading. Also, don't forget your blender pen and an outlining pen (either a cool shadow or cool gray) Let me know what you get!! :-)

The Parkers said...

Oh thanks! I didn't realize they were the same price individually- great tip. And the blender pen is what I would have forgotten- then I would've been left wondering why my art doesn't look as good as the rest of you all's! lol!

Thanks so much! I'll keep you posted.
Congrats again!

Linda said...

YEAH!!!! Its me, I won. Thanks so much. You cannot believe how excited I was to read my own comment won. I never, ever win anything. But now I have a spectacular set of stamps coming my way, I can't wait.
Maren..........where do I find your e-mail addy???