Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Card Maker of the Future??

Could be. What do you think? :)

Super BUSY here. Just finished up some assignments. Need to finish grading my spring quarter projects. Then post grades. Need to finish up my online clock hour class before my teaching certificate expires. Have a FULL week of FULL day trainings. UGH. Is it Friday yet?

I promise to make it up to you. :) Till then, here are a few 'rare' photos of a CLEAN craft room. :) Calvin's desk is right next to one of mine. :)

Have a beautiful Tuesday! :)


Lisa F said...

Hope all goes smoothly this week! Then we can get together and do some mindless shopping next week sometime!

lynn said...

sweet video-hope this week goes smoothly for you:0)

Jenn said...

so sweet!

the whimsical butterfly said...

This is SO sweet and your room is gorgeous! Tell your little guy there is a TGF challenge for boys going on right now if he's interested ;) HUGS!