Friday, December 30, 2011

KOM 2011 Flashback.

Happy New Year's Eve. :)

Are you ready for 2012? is coming whether we are ready or not! :)

Those years just seem to come faster and faster, don't ya think?
Another year means 12 more amazing sheets of rubber.
The Kit of the Month.
It is what Unity started with.
It still is the heart of it, in my opinion.
Each images....diverse....fresh....trendy.
I am never NOT amazed with what Angela can whip together from those amazing Unity Artistas!
So let's flashback.

December- Filled With Love

October- Faith, Hope, Love....Live By It

September- All Seasons

August- What I Know

June- All Smiles

May- Think Happy Thoughts

April- Small Things Matter Most

March- Just You!

January- To the Moon & Back

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