Wednesday, March 30, 2011

All About You

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I made a layout of me and my beautiful sister.

Stamps used: All About Today

I just LOVE the quote in the kit---------> "How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives." -Annie Dillard

Yesterday was a rough one for me. Saying goodbye to Paper Crafts was a tough decision.

My little Calvin must have felt it. He snuck away and made this for me. Of course, he added to the chaotic mess in my craft room! BUT it brought a little tear to my eye. I seriously am one of the luckiest mamas EVER.

Speaking of it is time to hop on over to Christi. I am lucky to know such a talented and giving woman!

Sad Goodbye.

Sometimes life gets filled to the brim. With silly boys, mountains of papers to grade, middle school kids to inspire into science, soccer games to attend, some spontaneous dances in the kitchen, and loud laughs.

It gets so filled and busy it has to say goodbye. Goodbye to friends that have touched hearts and imprinted souls. Life-long pals whose names bring smiles when said them aloud.
It is time to divert the journey and break the six pack. :)

I remember my first CHA. It was a bit scary for me. Out of my comfort zone for sure!! :)
Look who welcomed me with a big smile. :)
Such an easy and fun friend to have. Susan. <3

Little did I know that I would have the honor of working closely with this wonderful woman. Me? A Go-to Gal? WOW! Don't think that I ever felt I deserved that title BUT boy was I ready for the ride.

So then it was official. Florida CHA! WOW. That is me. With the moxie fab gal, Cath.
She holds a very very special place in my heart.
Then the time came. Jess. Kim K. Kim H. Teri. Betsy. Stick 6 women from all over the country in 3 rooms in Utah for ed. board. You know what comes, right? Giggles, late nights, instant friendships that exceed ALL assignments. :)
I could call on any of these women at any time. That is how real it is with them. Goofy, yes....I have been guilty. Camera happy? Who me? Hee.. hee.. Loud? gotta have fun, right? I am just so complete and happy in their presence that I do admit, I can be a 'bit' boisterous! ha!

What a ride it has been? Flying off to Montana for World Card Making Day. Spreading the joy of card making with AMAZING ladies.

Yep. I got to hang with these AMAZING chicas at CKC Seattle!! Aren't I a lucky duck?

Back to CHA. Look at these REAL smiles. Gosh....the tears are flowing now. How I LOVE these women.

Back to Utah. Trips to American Crafts & Doodlebug. Always full of inspiration and laughter.

CHA Chicago. Super Show time! Such high energy. And I kept up this time!! :)

Gorgeous P Kelly. <3
Always supportive Jennifer. <3

It is with a VERY VERY heavy heart that I say goodbye to ALL amazing, strong, inspiring ladies (& Matt). P K, Kerri, Ahtanya, Susan, Jennifer, Courtney, Cath, Holly, Renae, Kim K, Kim H, Teri, Betsy, and Jess.
People who believed in little ole' me.
Some people are jobless or work in places that do not bring them joy.
I have been so blessed in my life to be able to expand my creativity with Paper Crafts.
And now I will continue to put my energy towards my other love. Teaching.
I will still be around. HA! You aren't that lucky!
But it is time for another person to enjoy that ride. To live a dream.
To be touched by amazing people.
To make friends and be inspired.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Kissed Girlfriend

Hip HOP! It is Thursday.
Time to get inspired and shop a bit! :)
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Guess what I did? I kissed my girlfriend image with the Deco Hound background.
How sassy is that! LOVE it!!
Now it is time to hop on over to my sweet and talented friend, Christi. :)

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Hip HOP!

Morning! Time for a bit of hip and hop!!

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This little card was inspired by Eryn. She is off on a new adventure. Dreaming BIG. I made it for some time ago but been a bit busy and sick (notice the lack of posts?)

Stamps: Dream Big

Now hop on over the creative KIMBER.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Happy Thursday....JUST YOU.

Happy Hip Hop!
Amazing how fast Thursday sneaks up, isn't it? ;) remember to start over at the Unity blog to see ALL the LOVELIES! :)
I am showcasing a bit of the FABULOUS March Kit of the Month, Just You !
So SASSY! :)

Super simple. Yet full of sass, right?
Love this KIT! :)
Now hop on over to the ubber talented KIMBER. :)