Thursday, December 29, 2011

As 2011 Comes to An End.....

Every year I make a layout of events from my year.
Photos that capture those places and memories that helped form me throughout the year. Stirring those emotions. Making me laugh, think, cry.....
I truly believe we are continually changing into who we were meant to be and ALL those moments are essential.
{here is a peek at the last 2 years....2010, 2009}

This year is no exception.
Actually...things were felt 110%.
Which is a mixed blessing, right?
Gotta feel the bad to appreciate the good?
Laugh hard at those moments so you want them again?
I am thinking so.
BUT it almost makes be a bit nervous about 2012.

WHAT A year it has been.

*Adventurous {travels to upstate NY 2x, Chicago 2x, Minnesota, California, North Carolina, Vegas, annual camping adventures throughout WA, new boating voyages, skiing at White Pass, attending some great professional sporting events, and running up 'the stairs' LIKE Rocky with my sister}

*Life Changing {the ending of my Paper Crafts adventure, the passing of my constant and beloved gram :( , my brother's 21st b-day, my mother's 60th, my son's driving permit, visits from TRUE friends near and far that keep me level and grounded and REAL, dressing as Wonder Woman just because {yep...I DID do that!}, and returning to my classroom}

Here is my annual layout....Life Changes. Make. Everyday. Count.

Stamps: SMAK kits- Without You What Would I Do?, Make Everyday Count


Unity Stamp Company said...

i love this - i love YOU!

Renee' Morris-Dezember said...

LOVE it....these must have been those pictures you were talking about :)

awesome Jane said...

Love this Maren! ...gave me such a warm feeling to see all the great and wonderful in your life through your pics! Thank you for sharing!! <3